Casein Peptides

Milk Casein Peptides derived formenzymic hydrolysis method. Milk Protein Casein Peptides derived from Enzymatic Hydrolysis. Pre digested low bitterness Milk Casein Peptides derived from enzymic hydrolysis. Casein Peptide is CASEIN Hydrolyzate derived from milk protein Casein. Casein is enzymatically hydrolyzed using innovative method to produce debittered peptide hydrolyzate. Due to the debitterness of Casein Peptide this is most suitable for use in milk shakes. Casein Peptide contain >80% peptides that are under 300 daltons in molecular weight. Casein Peptide is water soluble protein &have low molecular weight than whey protein isolate or whey protein conc. The small peptides in Casein Peptides are quickly absorbed by the gut & released into the blood without requirement of digestion.


Collagen Peptides Powder


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