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Suboneyo is India’s largest manufacturer of Organic Trace Minerals & Digested Proteins.Due to the stress on animals,poultry it is necessary to offer them the nutrients in easily bioavailabile form which will have higher efficacy so that in minimum quantity of minerals animal can get the required dosages of mineral.

SUBONEYO’s Proprietary technology offers excellent products which find use in Veterinary & Poultry Nutrition segment.


Chelates –Organic Minerals provide an opportunity to achieve optimum levels of mineral nutrition for the production goals we have for today’s Dairy cow. Chelated trace minerals are used to improve trace mineral levels in animals. Chelated minerals are amino acids attached to trace minerals. Chelates are mostly absorbed in the jujenal area of the small intestine just like regular amino acids. Chelating a mineral also protects it from antagonistic effects of other minerals allowing them to pass to the site of absorption in the small intestine. Suboneyos SoyChel/Smart Mins Organic Minerals offers cows to produce more milk, re-breed better, have healthier skin and feet, be more efficient in utilization of feed and have a longer productive life. All these benefits from simply delivering more trace minerals at the correct levels into the bloodstream of your cows.SuboneyoSoyChel/Smart Mins Organic Minerals are absorbed into the bloodstream through the intestinal wall for utilization by cows.

Our range of Poultry Feed Supplement are Highly Effective Organic Minerals produced by Patented Process. We offer Three Types of Organic Minerals depending on the End Use. The range comprises of the following products.

These are 100% Water Soluble Organic Trace Minerals/Complexes based on amino acids We have designed these Organic Trace minerals that have been specially formulated to take care of trace mineraldeficiencies in ruminants, particularly dairy cows. These are available in various types:


Protected Organic Minerals.Proteinated Minerals Amino Acid Chelated Minerals,
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Digested Hydrolyzed Protein Conc

PROFEED LIQUID /PROFEED Powder for Poultry, Pigs, Livestock.

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